10 To Go

10 To Go band10 TO GO was formed in 2006 by Pieter Bosma and Jelmer Bosma. After playing in several bands already they decided to share their love for music and start a new band. They started writing songs and in late 2006 Evert Ane Abma joined the group.

While still in high school. 10 To Go started playing covers of popular bands such as Rancid, Green Day and Blink 182. The first couple of gigs followed and the band began working on songs of their own. In 2009 they self released their first full-length album “Attention”. The band made a music video for the song “Sunny Sunny Day”, gaining them more local popularity and various shows out of town.

In late 2010 Wytze de Jong joined the band and took the position of bass player as Jelmer switched to playing guitars. They gradually started drawing influences from different genres such as ska and reggae. Due to other obligations the band was on a short hiatus, but started playing shows again in 2012. They then joined Morning Wood Records and recorded and released their second full-length album “Back On Track” in 2014. In September of that year Wytze de Jong left the band due to his ambition of becoming a professional judoist and qualifying for the Olympic Games of 2016.

2009 – Attention (Morning Wood Records) – Buy
2014 – Back On Track (Morning Wood Records) – Buy

Pieter Bosma – Vocals & guitar
Jelmer Bosma – Guitar
Jildert Okkema – Bass
Evert Ane Abma – Drums

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